Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hey! You!!

*dazed (wha...?)

Can't you SEE I've put on my signal to turn right?!

(yeah, fool, sho ah can see. but what yo doin' turnin' right when the junction's still 50 metres away? oOOh... you actually wanted to U-turn! well, so sorry I din't see the fancy U-TURN SIGNAL your very high-tech Gen-2 was flashing! 'sides, ain't there an honest to goodness double line here where yo wanna turn?!!)

Okay, I need to get to the club right away!

(what??? yo jus goan leave me lying here on the frigging road??! idjit!!!)

'Nuff said...

My part of the conversation happened mostly in my head though. I was still too shocked to say anything. Besides, there's no winning when arguing with a blockhead like that!  :P

My most heartfelt appreciation to the Wira Driver, the Husband and Wife on Motorbike team as well as the Indonesian Repairman who helped bang my clutch pedal and foot rest back into somewhat serviceable shape.

And my utmost gratitude to Budak Baik who stayed with me near to 3 hours at the Emergency Room, and then drove me home.

Daripada 10 biji telur yang dibawa, yang lebih kurang selamat tinggal 5.

"5 termasuk yang 2 tu ke...?" Budak Baik berseloroh.
"Ah, yang 2 tu lama dah takde..." Aku, selamba.


i'm shin... i'm inesen said...

cian dia... erkk.. ciannn laaaaaaa... naper jadi camni... erkkk sapa dak baik tu... hmmm!

APAi said...

cianyer...harap semuanya OK...

Harris Shah Abd Hamid said...

Hope you're not left traumatised.

Anonymous said...

kejam nyeee
tak bagi tau pun..

Snuze said...

Poor baby. *pats Ri* No lasting physical damage on your person, I hope? Motor boleh repair tp kalu badan patah riuk boleh bengkrap, sayang oi!.

There are, and will always be, idiots on the road. I am sorry. I truly am.