Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shashin Satsuei Renshuu Dai-ichi

First day of Ramadhan...

Morning class had just ended. Since I won't be needing lunch, I decided to revisit the Secret Garden to practice with my new cam.

However, it was drizzling heavily thus I was forced to do (shudder) indoor photography... Damn! With this new cam, I'm soOOOooo not ready for it! I hardly know a quarter of the functions!

However, the gaming competition going on at the Oval Lower Ground provided really interesting subjects :) A pro would have gotten off some pretty rad shots at this event!

Finally the rain stopped! The lighting was a nightmare for amateur me but I love the way the water droplets enhanced the look of the flora.

The water droplets made this railing of more interest to me as well :P
Yes auntie, you also look beautiful lah...

Oops! Almost time for my afternoon class! Gotta go!

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