Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big Screen Breakdown: Storm Warriors

Sedang ramai insan gigih mengumpul pahala di malam yang barakah ini, aku pula gigih beratur membeli tiket untuk tayangan gambar tersebut :P

The first movie, Storm Riders, was a disappointment. I gave this a chance because I'm still a fan of the original Fung Wan story-line and am glad to find that it fulfilled my expectations!

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There are certain criteria to enjoying this movie:

1. Die hard fan of the original comic series
2. Die hard fan of the stars involved in this movie
3. Appreciates artsy cinematography

All others please stay away- I don't think it'd be worth your time or money. Plus it's annoying to hear you moan and groan about something that you didn't like in the first place :P

And here's the breakdown...

Story- oversimplified to fit into a 2 hour time slot, but was rendered coherently.

Acting- mostly bland but there were shining moments.
I loved Aaron Kwok's expression when he was about to deliver the killing blow in the final scene. You could see the warring emotions: the anger at Chu Chu's senseless death, the sadness and reluctance at having to kill a 'brother', at the same time a determination to prevent things from getting worse.

Martial arts choreography- there was more to see this time, not so flashy and presented in a way that is reminiscent of the movie 300.

Computer graphics- this time it's effectively used to visually enhance the fight scenes instead of 'becoming' the fight scenes (I think you'd understand what I mean if you'd seen the first movie).

Overall, a surprisingly good watch- 7/10

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