Monday, December 21, 2009

d'Reyanz Colour: Azrul Helmy & Noraini @ Selayang/Sungai Buloh

Tagging along to the big boys...

As usual, Boss Redza (foreground) takes the lead while Ben (background) seconds.

Beautiful dais, but am so totally NOT into it!

The event was held in a community hall- lighting was troublesome and the design made it almost impossible to bounce our flash or shoot it from multiple angles.

The welcoming committee, ready to usher or wish guests farewell...

When I see this scene, it makes me wonder at how easy life is nowadays in certain respects. Almost everyone can afford to take photos.

A bit of entertainment, courtesy of the couple's work buddies.

Azrul and Nani posing for their friends.

The wedding ring- first time I edited a photo ever, but necessary to make the image stand out.

Ooh... I didn't enjoy this dais either. Like the other one, beautiful but... I'll tell you why in the next few paragraphs.

The food served was delicious! Absolutely loved it! I simply have to get the name of this caterer...

This shot was the reason for my dislike of the dais. I was behind it, must have nudged something somewhere and, 'geDeGaNG!'- separuh pelamin angannya musnah :P

Luckily we bitches were born with 'Decorations 101', with some help, I managed to put it back into some semblance of its former beauty.

Kalau tak, biaq pi la dengan pelamin hang pak andam oooiii! Sapa suh pakai ornament angin tiup dah goyang? Sentappp!!!

Most photographers would choose to take pictures of the wedding cake. I chose to take photos of the plate that they will be serving the wedding cake on- go figure!

It just seemed appropriate at the time... :P

Ooh... Ben took this photo on my camera! I just love it! It's a very typical scene of makcik-makcik gathering.

But then I usually like the images Ben captures :)

It rained in the evenings- the outdoor shoot had to be cancelled without a chance of rescheduling. It was disappointing that were not able to deliver the full range.

Azrul dan Nani, mungkin tiada rezki korang di sini tapi moga dimurahkan rezki dari segi yang lain...


Snuze said...

The plate picture is awesomely lovely.

Anonymous said...

aduss incik...apsat jatuh itu bunga..?

Ri said...

uh.. mmg seriously tk tau ape jd sbb mana2 bhgn badan tk bersentuh pun dgn tiang hias tu.

cuma mmg tiang tu top heavy, alas dgn bata sebijik je bwh tu. mmg menunggu tukang gambar mcm aku ni je ler nk menjatuhkannya :P hehehe