Thursday, May 26, 2011

A man's 'needs'...

An old issue had recently resurfaced and reared its ugly head.

I am possibly the least qualified person to talk about this since I spend most of my time trying to suppress my 'needs' while most guys are proud as hell to display that they have huge 'needs', enabling them to make their wives cry 'uncle' in utter satisfaction.

But a man can become so self centred, so righteous and so absorbed in self pity when he feels that his 'needs' are being neglected.

Especially as they age, most men are still virile (or at least want to show that they're still virile) while their partners, who are supposedly the love of their lives, are winding down in that respect.

This is where sacrifice and/or compromise must come into play.

Uncles, Gramps,
You need to face the fact that your ladies are now no longer as amorous as they once might have been.

I really respect those ladies who work hard to keep their men pleased even though it's now in truth a chore for them to do so.
Some ladies do still have the passion for it but (unfortunately for men) they are not all that common.

Ah, crap! I've lost my original train of thought...

But if there's anything that you guys take to heart from this entry, I'm hoping it's the awareness that in your old age, please think of the woman who has stood by you through thick and thin, and not let something like your 'needs' tear apart the happiness that you've been building for years...

It will only be a huge waste...


Snuze said...

Ala .. kekadang cakap je kat member lelaki tu mcm gagah. Sebenarnya bini kat umah tu masam tak puas. Byk lelaki tu sebenarnya syok sendiri jer. Kalau laju cam bullet train tu, ingat baik sangat ke?

Lepas tu ada hati nak cari lagi satu (atau dua atau tiga). Tak sedar diri tu bukannya mampu sangat, tapi perasan dan ego mcm terer mengalahkan Schwartzenegger.


Snuze said...

Waktu tu lupa la bini yang selama ni sokong kerjaya dia, bela anak dia elok2, layan makan minum dia, baik dengan mak dan keluarga dia.

Mmg banyak lelaki tu macam kacang. Rangup lebih tapi tak mengenyangkan. Lepas tu lupakan kulit.


naz said...

Snuze has spoken!!! hehehe. n I do agree