Saturday, May 07, 2011

May they have everlasting peace...


Ma Pa
you deserve a better son than me

One who cares

One who's responsible

One who'll look after the house (not to mention, one's own room :P)
and all other matters that need looking after

One who'll give you a daughter-in-law
and grandkids galore

I am a totally different type of person
to what you should have got

I'm sorry :'(


Snuze said...

You should quit beating yourself up over being who you are. It is not your job to make them happy, it is *their* job to make themselves happy.

Allah SWT had promised that each individual is responsible for their actions and will be judged accordingly. Therefore this includes their feelings and how they choose to live their lives and treat others.

For all that we must have ehsan for others, let us first have ehsan for ourselves. We must love ourselves as is because that is the fitrah that God gave us. It may not be perfect or what other people envision we should be, but it is who and what we are. We harm none and at the end of the day, only the Almighty has the right to pass judgment on us.

Love yourself, darling. Not because you are handsome, talented etc., but because you are a worthy and wonderful person just by being.


naz said...

Hi, was blog hopping and jumped on yours. Previously I did question my existance in my own family, for me they deserve better. Until one day, my dad said "God put you in this family for a reason, we may not know what, but he has his plan".

i'm shin... i'm inesen said...


Ri said...

thank you so much for all your kind supportive words.

as how you have comforted me in my time of need, may Allah grant you more than double the comfort in your time of need..

NUke_Rude said...

chill :)