Thursday, August 16, 2012

Melodi menggamit memori...

The worth of a song (in my personal opinion) is how it catches your attention and sticks with you until you are compelled to learn more about the song.

These two tunes may have been around for a while but I've only begun to hear them very recently. And what a pleasant surprise :)
more so because they are sung with feel, depth and clarity that belies the fact that they are non-native speakers of standard Malay.

Stacy, you should do more of these type of songs. I believe these were the kind of soulful music that captured the hearts of your listeners and bagged you that AF6 win.

It doesn't have to be slow numbers as long as the lyrics have depth. I agree that tunes like Jahat, Kasanova and the likes are catchy but the essence is too simple.

And Suki is reminding us why she deserved that One In A Million title over Faizal Tahir.

This song's by Ajai! No wonder I loved it straight off the bat!
The lyrics by Jeremy Chong are poetic, done in classic dulu-dulu Malay style, which gives it an Indonesian sounding twist. Very well done!

What ever may be though, you're both excellent musicians. Do keep it up and all the best in future!


bukankosong said...

yg bawah je selalu dengar

yg stacy nih baru nak dengar

W. Hidney said...

lagu suki rupanya. selalu dengar kat radio. ingatkan penyanyi seberang