Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Anime Expose- Dai itsu ka: X

What if the fate of the world lies in your hands? Do you choose to protect it or do you choose to destroy it? That is the dilemma facing Shirou Kamui.

It is not as easy a choice as you’d think.

Protect the world and its ultimate fate is left in the hands of the humans populating it. How much faith do you have that we humans would make all the right choices in conserving the earth? At the present rate of pollution and destruction, earth will be destroyed in a very short time indeed.

So why not let the world be destroyed? The earth is a resilient planet. It survived the end of the dinosaurs. It survived an Ice Age. This destruction will simply mark the end of humans only. The earth will live on and flourish once more.

Either way, the possibility of earth’s destruction is very real. That is what prompts the dream seer Kuzuki Kakyou to say,
Mirai wa tada hitotsu…”
There is only one future…

However, to this cynical statement, Monou Kotori counters,
Mirai wa mada kimattenai te…”
The future still hasn’t been decided…

Sahabat sekelian, masa depan di tangan kita semua. Pastikan segala yang mungkin telah diusahakan sebelum menyerah kepada takdir. Jadilah khalifah yang terbaik di bumi Allah ini.

Sore wa ‘X’ no nerai da.”
That is the message of X.

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