Monday, February 28, 2005

Ri membebel tentang kerja lagi...

I was on-call the whole of last week. It cannot be categorized as a busy week but it was by no means a walk in the park!

I received at least one call for every each day I was on-call and some of those calls irritated the hell out of me!

For example, a client called me up at around 5.45pm asking about her order. The order had been sent at 2.00pm and she was wondering why it still has not arrived at her place.

Since it was supposed to be a rather urgent order, I asked help from my night staff to check it out. After much hassle, we discovered that no such order had been prepared for that day and told the very unsatisfied client so.

It is only when I came in the next morning that we found out what actually happened. The so called order was sent but someone from the client’s office called soon after the order was received and requested that the preparation of the order be withheld until further notice. And they called not once, but TWICE! There were even two stick-it notes on the order form to prove it!

This is truly another Malaysian phenomenon, this inefficient passing over of duty between day staff and night staff so forth and so on at the client’s place that costed us no small amount of effort and time. Tsk, tsk! These Malaysian phenomenon are endless… I’m so damn sick of it!!!

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