Monday, February 07, 2005

Ri and the never ending projects...

My e-kawan Isman pointed out to me how outdated my blog is. This is an old problem with me. I have the ambition to write but lack the discipline to keep at it. How I envy all the other bloggers who’ve managed to keep their own sites (and even some other people's sites) alive with their thoughts and comments from time to time, ever current and always exciting.

In fact, this problem extends to almost every part of my life. Most of my personal projects are currently on hold, be it writing or creating artwork (I haven’t even made a single decent sketch for the past 2 years!!!) or learning (Anything! I actually have piano and guitar lessons as well as Japanese classes on the back burner), just because I simply can’t inspire myself to continue with whatever it is that needs doing.

You can imagine how bad this attitude is when you consider the state of my bedroom. It is in a perpetual state of being redecorated. Half of the room is almost immaculate, while the other half is still in boxes or in piles waiting to be rearranged in their proper places. This has gone on since May of 2002.

However, I promise myself that I shall find the will to continue with whatever I had planned and will plan because these are things that I truly love and enjoy. So wish me luck!

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isman said...

at last, an update .. ehehe. start slowly, do all the little things first, u'll pick up the pace after that. good luck anyway!!