Monday, December 12, 2005

Henka II

It all began with the most innocent of proposals. One fine evening, the Deputy Boss in charge of the store approached me and asked if I’d like to learn about all the tricks of her trade.

I did not commit myself by saying yes outright because I was currently engrossed in a project to smooth out customer supply with my current unit. So she left it at that. It took me slightly more than two weeks to decide that I was interested and that it would be a truly wonderful learning opportunity for me.

For further confirmation, I turned to Big Boss for advice. Surprisingly, he was aware of the situation. In fact, it was he who had asked his two Deputies to choose a backup since all three Bosses has about 5 to 6 working years left at most.

He told me I should take it as an honour to be chosen and he was glad that it was me. I was shocked out of my mind. It was then that I realized the gravity of the Deputy Boss’ proposal. The responsibility was huge! I wanted to reject the offer but having indicated my interest to Big Boss, I was obliged to accept. In addition to that, I really did want to learn.

That afternoon, I sent an email to indicate my agreement to learn all that the Deputy Boss could teach me. And thus my education began...


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