Friday, December 30, 2005

Where were you... really?

Suzainur said...

"Say, did you ever get to watch the LOTR trilogy marathon? That was challenging, my friend! Just taking time out for toi toi break, prayers and scarfing down food with eyes glued on the pretty elfy. By the time it's over, your eyes have glazed over and your mind is still somewhere over Mordor."

Hmm... are your eyes glazed because your mind's in Mordor or is it glazed because you mind's in a bedroom with the 'pretty elfy'?


Thanks for your comments and support Sue! Didn't realized that you actually read all this crap. ;)

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Suzainur said...

Darling, I admire anyone with the discipline to maintain a blog. And that you can articulate your thoughts and have the nerve to put it up where any Tom, Lily and Hairy can have a gander ... *shudder*

I don't know if I have enough self-confidence to bed a guy prettier than I am, hehehe. For all you know, they're the male versions of beautiful women; lie back and let you do all the work!;-)

Happy New Year, babe ... may all your dreams and hopes be real.