Tuesday, February 21, 2006

PGL the Musical

Yeah, I know this musical has been reviewed to death so many times over that people have lost count. Most are very unfavourable but I feel that that is as it should be. We should no longer say things like

“Oh it’s a really outstanding *** for a Malaysian ***!”
(***please fill in the blanks as appropriate)

Tomare! Stop! It only degrades the colossal effort that these people have put in. The show should be compared to an internationally accepted standard. Sure it will fall very short off the mark but with further input and constant improvement, we can perform shows as good as any West End feature!

Another thing that is sadly lacking in the production is the attention to details. Things like a faulty mike, a wrinkly stitching on a backdrop as well as the props being moved into position too obviously (among other things) can really distract and detract from the enjoyment of watching the play.

But having said all that, I really truly enjoyed the show and so did everybody else. Azean Irdawaty even walked right up to the front to give a standing ovation to the cast at the end.

I raised my hands higher when Sukania Venugopal and Yalal Chin appeared but simply had to stand up when AC Mizal came on stage. Where have you been hiding your talent all this time?! He was really superb and I didn’t expect to be blown away by his performance.

Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical has been extended to Tuesday, 28 February 2006. If there are any tickets still available, do find the time to watch it!

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Suzainur said...

Hmm ... the lack of funds is the primary reason for giving it a miss. Secondarily, I saw Tiara in Lantai T. Pinkie and was not impressed. Granted she had to compete with Erma Fatima, no mean feat, that. But still.

I'm glad you had a good time and had enjoyed the show. :D