Saturday, August 09, 2008


A friend posed me some loaded questions...

Let's say we declare a relationship and be close like husband and wife-

How long can it last without a tie?
What do we tell the parents (because somehow they will find out that we're close)? Can we conceal it from the people around us? Are we even able to?

How do we react when the chips are down?
What of the issue of jealousy? Can we withstand every test of our relationship when in truth, it is built on nothing but love and attraction?

Will our 'all' be enough to make it work until the end?

All these age old questions and more... How I loathe them no matter how necessary they are! The friend is correct in asking me all these of course. We all want a lasting relationship.

But for people like us, CAN we truly have that sort of relationship? The one that lovers everywhere are experiencing? What sort of relationship is open to us then?

Manisnya sebentar sahaja, selebihnya kepedihan...

How do I slake this need to be with that someone without a relationship? Is friendship, no matter how close, sufficient? I WANT to be with that someone, as close to that someone as possible, as near as possible.

Experience life with that someone, grow old together. Love each other forever, through thick and thin...  Just let that someone rest his head on my lap and talk about whatever it is that catches that someone's fancy, all the stories, the dreams, the nightmares...

Just be... with me.

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APAi said...

Nie..ader puisi utk en izam...sepi jer blog nie...takder orng ker?

aku sering bertanya
pada diriku sendiri
mestikah cinta hadir sekarang
sedang balutan luka masih berbekas
atau aku membiarkan karatan cinta
mengikis dan merapuhkan maknanya

aku bingung untuk berlari
karena kakiku terluka
dan tapi aku tak mau diam
karena waktu terus berjalan
aku juga tak mau berlambat
karena hidup terlalu cepat
hanya untuk terseret

lalu kemana cinta pergi
aku merindukaannya
tapi juga merasa takut karenanya
aku sering kelelahan
dan sering bertanya
kapan semua ini berakhir