Sunday, August 31, 2008

The weekend before Ramadhan...

While others were busy preparing for the coming of Ramadhan, I was just... busy :P (and the parental unit was seriously pissed!).

Scheduled my dentist appointment at 10 a.m. Saturday. Really dreaded this appointment. My regular dentist has gone for good and I'm stuck with Big Boss Dentist!

Now don't get me wrong, he's a really nice guy (he even allowed me to take the above picture while he worked!) but when he gets into his job, he tends to forget that the oral cavity he's dealing with is attached to a live person bearing a full set of nerve endings!

And I have the bruises on my gums to prove it! Ouch!!!

It was done in half an hour, then it's off to my usual haunt, 1 Utama, where I did some tricky mental arithmetics to allow me to catch 3 different movies. 

Hah! Cerita ni sure korang tak terlintas pun nak tengok kan? Hehehe... But I have been waiting to see it ever since I first saw the trailer early on in the year.

It's a lovely story about this dying old lady experiencing flashbacks from the most significant period of her life.

She was attending her best friend's wedding where she was introduced to an old family friend. She and the family friend were mutually attracted but it was revealed as the story unfolded that her best friend was also in love with him (and had been for quite a long time) and her best friend's younger brother was likewise in love with the bloke. So the story developed from there and is tied to the present story of the old lady's  two daughters.

Confused? Bah! You've got to see it to appreciate it (but ONLY if you're into this sort of drama :P)...

Budak Baik recommended that I see this one. And it was great! Budak Baik really disliked the fact that Two-Face was killed off because it didn't tie in to the other Batman movies. I tried to explain that the two weren't connected but it was lost on him.

Anyway, I enjoyed it a lot! It was a fresh take on the Batman story and truer to life compared to those garish costume parties which starred Michael Keaton and then Val Kilmer

One part really stood out for me as it was not only very real but also very funny. As the Joker stepped out of Gotham General Hospital in his nurse's uniform, he triggered an explosion that was supposed to level the whole hospital but it stuck somehow so he stood there pressing buttons until everything blew up as it should be. Sick, I know, but kudos to the late actor for such an effective portrayal.

That evening I settled for something lighter. WALL.E was a really fun watch. All the robots were realistically cute but believable.

The next day, I decided off the top of my head to watch this movie, which I seriously regretted!

The premise started out all right but it developed into an aimless wandering story that pays homage to pointlessly violent fight scenes and it was frigging labeled UMUM!

The movie ended 1 hour 10 minutes after it started which led me to believe that A LOT of the actual story-line had been cut out, probably because all the budget has gone into staging the fight scenes :P

After that, straight home to welcome, more properly, the coming of Ramadhan...

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