Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Terengganu revisited after 7 years!

"Betul lar Abang Apai, kita gi Terengganu masa abang singgah KL tuh! Len kali Abang singgah lagi bagitau lar ye? Kalau kita free sure kita jupe Abang nyer..."

Me and the gang took off for the West Coast right after work on Friday, August 15th. I was designated driver that night and all we could think of was getting that fabulous bihun sup at Gambang Utara R&R (last experienced on our trip to Kenyir)!

Finally! Here we are buying dinner/supper at Gerai Masakan Panas at Gambang. Comparitively, the one we had on the Kenyir trip was way better, but it's still delicious!

Sleepy as we were, upon my insistence, we stopped at Paka to take photos. In this picture, I was jumping to get into frame because I miscalculated the timer. But I love this quirky pic anyway :P

I do not recommend sleepily trying to find accommodations at 4.00 in the a.m. at the start of school holidays. We tried at least three rest houses before we found some vacancy at the Marang Guest House.

It was already 5.00 a.m. by then. We were no longer concerned with the price (which was thankfully very affordable) at that point. Checked in, waited for Subuh and slept (fell unconscious more like it)!

Paid up for our rooms and moved on near afternoon. Stopped by Pantai Kelulut for brunch.

Also caught some scenes of this father and son casting their net for fish by the beach.

After that, proceeded to the home to one of the gang's mak angkat ('adopted' mother) whom we refer to as Mak Kak Leha in Gong Beris, where we were offered to crash in for free! Huhu!

After refreshing ourselves, we visited Pasar Payang, where I divested myself of cash buying souvenirs. We didn't stay long as it was not healthy for our bank accounts (tengah bulan maa..! Seii lorr!!!) :P

For dinner, I decided to treat the gang to a steamboat dinner at the Restoran Terapung Puteri with the mistaken idea that they would accept plastic money. It turned out that the gang had to treat me that night (don't worry girls, I'll pay you back!) so if you want to try this place out, bring cash!!! 

It was quite worth it despite the embarrassment of having to continuously ask for additional soup and sambal cili (I could almost swear that the waitresses were avoiding us after the 3rd request :P).

My first full face pic ever on the blog! The gang and I at Masjid Kristal, Pulau Wan Man. Truthfully, it wasn't much of an attraction- just a mosque shaped light bulb that changes colour every few minutes. I shudder to think of how it looks in broad daylight...

Breakfast at Mak Kak Leha's house the next morning (until now I have no idea what the Makcik's name is :P).

The real reason behind this trip- Selamat Pengantin  Baru Popo! May you have a lasting and blessed relationship! Amiin.

After saying goodbye to Mak Kak Leha, we started on our journey home... only to be stopped by the wondrous scenery of Rantau Abang.

The beach was mostly clean and beautiful! You wouldn't find shells like these strewn along the tide line in the West Coast!

Khusyuknyer brader ni amik gambar! It really was a photographer's heaven. I do so wish I have equipment like this guy does but it's currently beyond my budget and knowledge to use... *sigh

This guy actually caught a fair number of cuttlefish by baiting and casting his line on this rocky outcrop by the beach.

The gang enjoying Rantau Abang beach.

It was straight home after that with only one dinner stop at Temerloh Selatan R&R (which was sadly lacking variety in food) and raining all the way. I noticed that it usually rains whenever I'm doing the driving :P...

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APAi said...

waa..nasib baik betul..di akui oleh SIRIM...anyway..mcm best jer tegannu nie..actualli abg pin tak pernah p sana lagi & explore lyk tmpt kat sana...