Saturday, August 30, 2008

Family Day 2008

Last weekend may be our department's 3rd Family Day but it was my 1st time joining them.

And I chose to go and help out this year mainly because my gang was organising it.

Here they come! One bus plus several cars full checking in at 4.00 p.m.

A telematch in the evening- luckily the rain stopped in time for the event. And here's a pic of my latest buah hati, the cute as buttons Syukri. This one's surely gonna be a heartbreaker when he grows up...

Grab those sweets!!! This is supposed to be a kids event but I suspect that the adults are having more fun.

Put some kids together, add a few balls and you'll have them enjoying themselves in no time at all!

Stomp the balloon on the other kid's foot. Last kid standing with balloon still intact wins!

Giant wooden clogs race. Some teams could hardly move at the beginning.

Stomp the balloon for the adults.

Tug-of-war on a rain slicked field. Makes for a very interesting time :P

The Family Day dinner- I was emceeing with another staff member.

Food was great! Especially love the spaghetti in curried minced meat sauce. The rest was typical hotel buffet fare but they were flavourful and delicious! Didn't have time to check out the dessert table though :P

Musical chairs as entertainment for the kids after dinner.

A trip to A' Famosa Resort's Water World after breakfast the next morning.

Some pics of us having fun at the tide pool. The life guard was really against guys wearing shirts in this area. I have no idea why when the girls are already fully covered. A few more microbe bearing wet tees won't hurt the amount of chlorine they'd already dumped in :P.

Anyway, I headed straight for home after checking out at 12.00 p.m. It rained on the way (guess who was driving) and we arrived at the office around 2.30p.m.

I was told that the bus stopped by Dataran Pahlawan at Bandar Hilir, Melaka. They only got back at 7.45 p.m.!


jeebsion said...

meriah eh family day ... banyak activities ...

Ri said...

ahaks! sebenornye jib, santai benor family day kitorg. kalau yg pangkor tu mmg penuh sakan aktiviti! :)