Sunday, November 01, 2009

Random musings...

WARNING: Picture free entry, loads of insecurity and self pity ahead!

New responsibilities at work.

Crappy time management is a serious failing!
(evidence: giant heap of unfolded clothes, from THREE days ago plus yesterday's, and I'm sitting here writing a blog entry)

List of things to do:
- detail out tasks to determine if staff are actually doing their work competently.

- system upgrade: prepare info sheet explaining 'pilot run' and 'going live' because seriously, none of the staff have a fucking clue and people who don't have a clue tend to mess things up! and am I project manager? of course not! I'm just the lucky bloke who gets stuck with the work.

- survey staff satisfaction with their job. I know for a fact that most are not but I need written evidence. unfortunately, i designed it to be anonymous so I won't be able to sort out the fakes. hope it all works out anyway.

- train my replacement. again I really, really need to detail out what my duties were so that I can measure how fully the newbie will be able to grasp all tasks involved. it will also serve as reference when another takes over.

- increase my proficiency and creativity with the camera. I'll need it to be of help and value to the group. after all, this is gonna be my sole source of backup funding once I retire.

- set aside time for piano practice everyday. I'm rusting. yeah, right! remember pile of clothes? crappy time management is truly a serious failing!

Can I cope? Will I even be able to perform??!

It's times like these when I strongly feel the need for someone to be by my side...

Allahumma a'innii 'alaa zikrik wa syukrik wa husni 'ibaadatik. Amiin.


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