Monday, October 26, 2009

Revisit Suria

My original plans for today fell through so I decided to practice taking pictures at Suria.

There was a makeup promotion at the central court.

And right outside, Petronas and Yamaha were promoting the ongoing superbike race.

This young lady was kind enough to give me a pose. Much appreciated! You're lovely! (yang lagi sorang tu kekwat tul! wei! toksah jadi race queen le kalau tak suka diambil gambo! cehhh!!!)

Opps! Stop for lunch break ;) Here's (one of) my favourite- sizzling chicken noodle.

Though I really shouldn't, I relented and had a banana split for dessert *sigh~ bila ler nak hilang 6kg yang dah bertambah ni...

I thought of capturing a reflection of the Twin Towers but it was still too huge! Impossible with the 50mm lens I had on and I was too lazy too switch to kit.

This gentleman looked so serene, I just had to take a shot :)

Sebenarnya mood aku lari sangat-sangat. Tengah nak cuba gembirakan diri ler ni, huhu!

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