Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Note to self...

When the towkay told me,

"Make sure you put a lid on them. They jump!"

I foolishly presumed that by putting them in a fairly large pond (as compared to a big aquarium) would reduce and perhaps even prevent the risk of jumping.

And thus my hope of watching arowanas frolick in my pond, happy and healthy, was dashed :'(

When I got back from work, I found the smaller one a meter away from the pond while the bigger one- TWO frigging METERS away!!! There goes RM300 into the rubbish bin.

Mungkin duit kurang berkat kot... Tapi kalau betul, kesiannye ikan tu, perlu hilang nyawa untuk beri pedoman kat aku :'(
I hope my other investment, the KATA rucksack, would work out better.

P.S. I wonder what other freshwater predatory fish would be suitable for controlling the currently burgeoning guppy population in my pond?

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Snuze said...

Actually, many fishes have a kind of suicidal tendency unless they are the friendly, communal sort. At least a dozen puyu had met their demise in our drain, two to three meters away from where we place them.

RIP to your fishies.

BTW, what do you mean by duit kurang berkat? I doubt you are capable of such machinations, dear. :D