Thursday, October 01, 2009


Life enjoys throwing you curve-balls.

Life loves to hit you when you least expect it.

Life exults in suddenly jumping out at you and saying 'boo!!!'.

We received a call this afternoon informing us that the aunt currently in ICU had taken a turn for the worst. Knowing our difficulties, the aunt's stepdaughters offered to pick us up.

On the way, the stepdaughters were telling us how their own mother was currently unwell. Granted, this aunt had been on peritoneal dialysis for some time now but she seemed to have stabilized. It was only since last night that she had a touch of diarrhea.

And so we went in to see the ICU aunt. She was obviously ill, quite weak, unable to talk but seemed to be quite aware and active. Thus reassured, we all went back.

9.30p.m. Another call by one of the stepdaughters led us to assume that ICU aunt had finally passed on. But, surprise surprise, it was the aunt with the diarrhea who passed away...

Our weekend plans have been cancelled. To our funny and chatty aunt, Rohana Ismail, you will be missed. Al-Faatihah...

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Snuze said...

Innalillah ... may Allah SWT grant you and your family the fortitude needed in this trying time.