Friday, January 01, 2010

Big Screen Breakdown: Sherlock Holmes & Muallaf

I was there for Muallaf, but as soon as I saw the poster, I decided to slot it in :P

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I highly recommend this to almost everyone. Forget the book! This is a Sherlock you'd really love to see!
(at least those who aren't staunch traditionalists that is)

Intellectually stimulating but the action had me wishing that I'd learned and developed some form of physical skill :P Who knows when it'd come in handy..?

In this movie, we've only just been introduced to Moriarty. That means a sequel is coming!

Ooh... can't wait!!! 10/10

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This one I'm rather reluctant to recommend... because, darlings, there are soOOooo many mines in this particular field that only the most open of minds could tread safely.

A goal does not make a method halal- on this principle, I disagree with some of the views she presented.

But make no mistake, Yasmin IS a da'ie in her own way, preaching tolerance and asking us to see beyond the obvious why things happen that way.

I believe that if more of our penda'wah, took on this kinder approach instead of throwing fire and brimstone at every turn, Allah willing, we may soften more hearts to return to the ways of Islam (did you know that muallaf means 'those whose hearts have softened'?).

And I'm 100% behind Ustaz Asri in his endeavour to preach at night clubs!

But I digress...ahem!

Well, this movie's tone is slightly darker than the rest of her work but the trademark moments of emotions were there... 9/10

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