Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Random musings...

Been a while since I loaded some nonsense photos onto the blog.

For some unknown reason, I take fewer photos nowadays. Camera ever available, opportunities were there, moments aplenty but I've been letting them pass...

Though idle I seem to be, below are evidence that I my heart does go on. Enjoy!

From the one job I have attended so far. Deepest apologies to Boss d'Reyanz for being too occupied to help out with more shoots this year.

From the Secret Garden, One Utama. Because the movie I planned on watching only had decent seating at the 9.00pm viewing.

From Muzium Shah Alam. Started with a trip to the (very sad and dilapidated looking) art gallery. Was pleasantly surprised that they allowed photographs to be taken inside.

The Secret Garden, One Utama again. Introducing another photo junkie to the wonders of a garden amidst all that stone.

From Nia's birthday party. Backup cupcakes just in case KFC failed to produce a decent birthday cake.

From Dayang Bunting Island. This was taken by 'that person', a type who just can't stay still so I lent my camera to temporarily relieve the tedium of waiting for our boat.

A reminder of our time together...

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