Saturday, September 03, 2011

Before 'eid...

Hmm... Somehow, I neglected to post photos I shot during Ramadhaan.

Maybe it's due to the quantity and quality of the pictures. Wasn't as excited to go out and shoot this time around as well. Guess I'm getting old... What the heck! I AM old!!! :P

The Pyramid and OU seemed to be going for the minimalist approach this year. Fewer oversized and exaggerated constructions, more internal decor and knick-knacks.

Pyramid chose the wau (traditional Malay kite) as its main theme.

While OU Oval seemed to have sprouted several oversized mushrooms.

Ooh! The effervescent Chef Florence was giving a cooking demo! Very the bertih digoreng one, but very entertaining and educational (for those interested in cooking like me).
The above shows her in action. She was assisted by her sister.

And this is the result! Wonderful Baba dishes- fragrant chicken pongteh and delightful prawn masak lemak with pineapples.
Adoiyai! Kalaulah bukan bulan posa! :P

In the meantime, Suria put up an honest to goodness rumah kampung on stage.

The stage decorations and settings were messy lah! Lots of interesting points but as a whole, it makes it very difficult to frame a shot.

Well, that's it! Sikit kan?

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