Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What it takes...

To have a lasting relationship

you need to be strong enough

to get to know each other
and to learn to love each other

over and over and over again!

Because people change with time- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually:

The baby sister you cuddled is different from the girl you're sending off to college.

The boy you used to play with is different from the undergraduate who's discussing his future with you.

The sweet girl you married is different from the woman who's nurturing your child.

The young guy you tied the knot with is different from the man who's working hard to make ends meet for you and his children.

And so on, and so forth...

This is actually harder than it seems.
Not every one of us will be lucky enough to get someone who complements us seamlessly.
Most of the time we need to work at it!

To either fill the holes at the seams
or accept them as part of the beautiful pattern of your shared lives.

But it is ultimately
the most rewarding!

To all my readers
and especially as a reminder to myself

Do cherish ALL your relationships while they last.

Work smart and hard to develop them
because we will never know if they might end.

And if they do end
let it be in joy.

Because we know we have done our best.

The rest is ma shaa Allah

1 comment:

Snuze said...

Thanks for the reminder! A lot of people who buy into the fairy tales forget that the real story only BEGINS after the "I dos" are over.