Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My 'eid...

As the year progresses, I become less and less inclined to 'celebrate' 'eid.

Nevertheless, preparations were made. Prettied up the indoor garden. Installed filters in the two tiered waterfall. Also added blue and gold gouramis (sepat) to add a dash of colour inside the pond.

Main dish- Ma's own pasta recipe- spirelli in spicy tomato gravy.

Side dish- chicken and beef satay from Sungai Ramal Food Court, Kajang courtesy of cousin Aya. Currently for me, this totally beats the taste of Samuri on any given day.

Supplementary dish- nasi himpit and the famous Rendang Tok Mak Nik.

As well as the obligatory kuih raya. By the way, that kuih bawang in the back is courtesy of Miss Accountant Niza. It's a lifesaver! Thanks a whole bunch!

End of Day 1.

Day 2 saw us making the rounds to the homes of Ma and Pa's remaining siblings. At the moment, it's still going strong at 5 houses. Hopefully, this will last for many more years before we need to remove any houses from the must visit list.

I was already working on Day 3. Luckily the guests came in the evening. In fact, I personally invited one of them over- thanks for braving my parents and coming over Nukie :)

Days 4 and 5 were for me to go visiting.

Lepak at Rol's for almost a quarter of the day on Saturday. He owns these very cute and manja pair of cats that I've ever had the pleasure of getting acquainted with.

We received more guests in the evening.

On Sunday, jalan-jalan a bit at Suria with Adik, then watched Cowboys & Aliens. Unfortunately, Adik was only free until 4.00pm, so I made plans to return Nukie's visit.

Since he's requested that I not post any of the pics I took at his home, this is the only image I can put up as a fond reminder of that trip.
My eternal gratitude and utmost appreciation to Nukie and family for your warm hospitality.

Ri pasti ingat jasa baik awak sampai bila-bila pun insyaAllah...


sYukCurz said...

salam aidil fitri..

Ri said...

thanks syukur :)
selamat menyambut 'eidulfitri buat syukur sekeluarga juga