Sunday, January 08, 2012

Carved in the Stars

Yesterday turned out to be quite an eventful day...

Accompanied Ma & Pa on an errand and was rewarded with a Kenny Rogers lunch at Subang Parade :)

Then Sue the Snuze picked me up in the evening for a night of 'aurgasm' at the Auditorium Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur- Yuna's Terukir di Bintang Mini Concert!

We were joined by our former Asasi classmate, Nita, and her husband, Joe.
I was wondering why the heck he looked so familiar the first time I saw him when I suddenly realised- OMG! He resembles Adi Putra, the actor!

While waiting for showtime at a very, very crowded Secret Recipe, we were joined by Naz of the Faithful Blog.

And a bit later, Sue's cousin Syuhaida turned up. Since our group's now complete, we proceeded to enter.

Will you look at that! It's been a while since I've been chopped at the entrance. Photo credit to Syuhaida- love the composition!

Here's Naz, Nita and Joe chatting and having fun while waiting for the show to start.
Well, they were chatting and having fun until I pointed the camera at them. Tiba-tiba je jadi Top Model semua :P

Syuhaida and Sue while waiting for the show to start. Same scenario as above. Strike a pose, ladies!

Finally, Dina Nazir came on stage to present Yuna. At this point I realized that a 50mm lens is not going to be sufficient for taking photos at this range.

In addition to that, Dina also informed the audience that any form of photography is a no-no because there was a recording going on and these people have 'exclusive rights'.
Like a good boy I refrained myself...

...until towards the end, at least. When I threw all caution to the wind and started snapping whatever image I could capture.
Naz told me that people were snapping photos during the show anyway :P

Yuna and her entourage.
I was actually taken by the bassist's performance (he's 4th from left). He had this cute and quirky way of pushing his tongue against the inside of his upper lip when he's really enjoying the moment.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience: beautiful vocal performance, cool musical arrangement.
Above is post 'aurgasm' snapshot- 5 out of 6 satisfied faces.

After the show, we joined this horrendously long queue with the aim of buying the album. Fortunately we figured out that this queue was for meeting Yuna so we shifted to a very much shorter queue to purchase the album.
Apparently most of the fans have bought the album before the show began in order to get in line faster for the long queue mentioned above.

Gambar merepek sebagai selingan.

Then we headed for Restoran Vichuda Tomyam in Damansara Utama for supper. It was my first time there and I found the atmosphere to my liking.

I love this photo! Not Sue's best pose but if you're a lips man, look no further guys! Here's your girl!!!

As usual, at any new tomyam restaurant, I will order ladna with mixed tomyam or chicken soup (depending on my mood). These are my benchmarks for good southern Thai food.

And this place hits the mark very well! I will be back! Hehe...

Nita was saying that if you see someone snapping a photo of food, the person's most likely a blogger! Haha!
After giving it a good thought, I guess it's quite true. We bloggers do so love to share our food experience with our readers, don't we? :P

Anyway, it was really so much fun hanging out with old friends again :) Oh, and new friends as well!
Thank you all for such a great time!


naz said...

Love the pictures, and it was an awesome outing. Hanging out, food and good music, is a combo that will never fail. hehehe

Lets do this again, shall we.

Yeah the bassist is cute and nita's husband does look like ady putra.

NUke_Rude said...

wooooo. tak jak g tengok yuna!!!

Rsnie_za said...

suke gambar yang merepek sekadar selingan itu.....

Snuze said...

You have a gift for photographing me in the most awkward poses. D: But then again, I am not of modelling proportion anyway, hehehe.

Thank you for sharing and for having a wonderful time with all of us!


Nitahain said...

your pics are amazing !!! can I have 'em?? pleaaase....

~ammoychantek~ said...

wow..nice pics at all...:) next concert?hehehe..thanx all for the wonderful moment...:)

Ri said...

naz, niza, sue, nita, syuhaida- thanks for the compliments. i'll email the photos to u nita, insyaAllah..

nuke- sori sgt2.. mmg ada tergerak nk ajak tp risau u 'occupied'

Nitahain said...

I mohon share pics kat my facebook, I'll credit the photographer, of course. By the way, Izam , u have a real talent

hawiz said...

seriously..nice shoot...especially candid..hihihi...