Saturday, January 07, 2012

Cerita 1: Writing Contest [3]

Itu ini, begitu begini, tak sedar lak dah lepas pantang dan boleh post entry ini.
Begini hikayatnya...

What does this photo mean to me?

The image it often brings to my mind is of a dog, delicately sniffing at it, then raising one hind leg and...

This is the general fate of the fire hydrant.

It gets pissed on, dirtied and even vandalized at times.

Cars park right by it, blocking access.

Mostly, it is invisible.

It is almost totally disregarded.

However, when the need emerges, when a fire breaks out, it is the first thing the rescuers look out for.

It suddenly becomes the centre of attention, a lifeline, a source of hope.

Then just as suddenly it ends.

And the humble fire hydrant fades into the background once more.

But it is ever present, waiting resignedly for the time when it may be needed once again.

Do you know someone like that?

It could be that you have encountered that someone before?

Perhaps even used that someone?

I hope one day, it will suddenly dawn on you and any other person, that these people are special, that they are to be appreciated, because once they are gone, there is no use for regrets.

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