Friday, October 14, 2005

Tag! You're it!!!

Aduu… Cik Easy tag aku?! Apa kemenda ler mainan blog korang ni. Whatever. Here goes …!

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1 – turn my workplace into the dai ichiban service provider of its kind anywhere, anytime
2 – have an alternate endless, limitless source of income that will allow me to live for life’s sake and work for work’s sake (liLlahi ta’Aala of course)
3 – become a skillfull Master auratsukai
4 – have a trustworthy, dependable and happy circle of family and friends around me
5 – author several books and graphic novels
6 – have a house within a beautifully landscaped garden
7 – be at peace with myself

Seven things I could do:
1 – care more for Ma and Pa
2 – care more for my lil bro, Uddin
3 – be a better person with each passing day (amiin!)
4 – save more for rainy days
5 – read more books
6 – increase and diversify my knowledge
7 – increase an diversify my skills

Seven celebrity crushes:
Erm… I better keep this to myself for personal reasons.

Seven often repeated words:
I repeat too many words too oftenly. There are no favourites.

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex :
Uh… ermm… Next!!!

Seven (yeah, right!) tags go to:
I admit that I only have a small number of friends (much less blogger buddies) so here they are
1 – urbanjavanese
2 – mirul
That’s about it! Sad huh?

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Cik Easy said...

kenalah tag ko..ehehehhee. Menjadi auratsukai yang hebat memerlukan pengorbanan hahahahahhaha.. faham faham jer leeeee.