Thursday, October 28, 2004

Be careful what you wish…

because it might just come true,” Ever heard of that saying?

Well, I have very strong reason to believe in it now. Remember my ranting, around 2 or 3 blog postings ago, the one about Raya? It seems I’m getting my wish this year, though not in the manner I’d hope for.

Earlier on, Boss had decided to send me to a meeting in Adelaide, but the date wasn’t fixed yet at that time. Now a gaggle of bright ‘mat salleh’s had grouped together and decided that,

Oh, in November, I guess any Monday and Tuesday would do for this meeting. Let’s make it on the 15th and 16th shall we?”

They’d managed to miss the fact that those dates will be the 2nd and 3rd days of Aidilfitri (which of course, unless they’re Muslims, isn’t of any significance to them in the first place)! What’s the big fuss then, you ask? I can still celebrate Raya morning and fly off to Australia in the afternoon, right? Wrong!!!

This Raya happens to be a long weekend and unfortunately, there are quite a number of people who had decided to go to Adelaide for a holiday or for whatever reason that particular weekend. Therefore the only direct flights to Adelaide available are on the day before Raya!

My flight, ladies and gentlemen, will be at 2130 hours on the 14th of November. Do you realize what that means? It means that I won’t be able to buka puasa with my family on the last day of Ramadhan because I have to be at KLIA 3 hours before the flight! Not to mention that I’ll be celebrating Raya all on my lonesome in Adelaide!!!!

But as the Japanese would say,

Shigata ga nai!”

So please, please remember, dear readers, that when next you have some thoughts about something, be very careful what you wish… Ja ne!

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