Tuesday, October 05, 2004

You aren't getting cold feet, are you?

Have you ever tried any form of ice therapy? No? Then, if your heart is hale and (ehem, no pun intended) hearty, go give it a try!

As mentioned above, those with any form of heart conditions please try something else because these sessions do give you the shock of your life! And we’re only talking about dipping your feet, just your feet, in ice water!

My friends and I tried it out last night. The first 2 minutes were hell! It may be cold water your feet’s in but it felt like they’re burning! However, if you do manage to stick with it for the required 15 minutes, you’ll experience a most comfortable feeling afterwards. I had the best night’s sleep ever yesterday!

But as in most cases, our experience may differ from yours. I dare you to try it! And It’s up to you to rate it! Have fun!

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