Wednesday, October 20, 2004

When the veil between the living and the dead grows thin...

This Ramadhan, I find it exceedingly difficult to concentrate on my fasting. There are always things that grab my attention and make me forget what I should be concentrating on. I knew it has something to do with my biorhythm picking up its pace but I didn’t realize why.

It was only until one fine evening, when a preview of Exorcist: The Beginning came on at 8TV, that I realized that Samhain was approaching. You don’t know what Samhain (pronounced SOW-wen or sah-VEEN) is? It’s also known as All Hallows Eve, otherwise more popularly known as Halloween. Get it?

I’ve always been a bit crazy… okay, scratch that- a LOT crazy during this period. Maybe it’s just all that natural energy spiking all around me, I don’t know. But until I learn to control my own energies better, I have to be more careful.

To my special study group (but I think only Cik Easy ever reads my ravings and rantings here): Do take care! It’s a 'jungle' out there!!!

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