Monday, February 19, 2007


Why do people treat me as if I’m so fragile?

I may be more sensitive than your average guy but is it really that bad?! What is it about me that make the people around me feel that they need to handle me with kids’ glove?

Though it’s gratifying to know that people care enough about me to censor what they say or do when with me, but being aware that I am hampering them from truly being themselves can really put me down.

It makes me think twice when I want to hang out with them. Would they truly enjoy being with me or are they putting up with me for my sake? I truly have no idea. Though never mentioned, I do notice that I am not the company of choice for most events or outings.

I really enjoy and love hanging out with them but I often feel very self conscious and guilty whenever I do so lest I ruin their day in some manner. What the heck am I supposed to decide?

Why do people treat me as if I’m so fragile?

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Suze said...

Fragile? Thou? *is wide eyed with surprise*

Is it better that people be sensitive to *your* sensibilities or otherwise?


Dude, sometimes there is simply no win-win situation in this world. The best we can hope for is enjoyment of the moment.

Just chill.