Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Please give me the chance...

It is times like these that I treasure very much, spending time with my Lil Bro.

They are often bittersweet moments, but I choose to take the good with the bad and be very thankful to Allah for it.

From his chats, I get glimpses into his thoughts, feelings and life. From there I realize how much of his life I am missing. I want to know so much more, even play a bigger part in his life but I refrained from even prying. The last time I gave in to that impulse, it brought disastrous results.

Like any other guy, he would open up when he is ready. There are also things that he will try to sort out on his own and things he keep to himself.

I’d just have to wait and be there whenever he needs me though I know that is impossible to achieve. There will be times when I’ll miss the chance and I grieve for those lost opportunities but there’s no help for it...

…but to remind myself to be grateful for those chances I do get.

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