Saturday, July 09, 2011

Pemburu bayang...

...itulah aku.

Just sharing one of my favourite Ella tunes.
And if you've ever called me on my mobile before, you may find the chorus of this song somewhat familiar.

Actually, am missing a number of individuals quite badly at the moment.
Korang pun rindukan aku jugak ke?

Currently shredding old documents to pass the time :P


naz said...

Hi there....I do follow your blog, a lot of nice pictures to gawk at, but lately u sound a bit emotional, r u owkey?

Stay strong owkey, have faith..

Snuze said...

Naz: kawan mmg emo la ... hehehe.

Ri: Jangan marah, nanti kena jual, hehehe.

Try listening to this for a change:

I love this song and it never failed to make me smile. Even if the anatomy is foreign to me. *grin*

Ri said...

naz & sue- yep, me emo. but naz is right, been more emo than usual lately.
thanks for the cheery words and 'song'- ahem :P