Sunday, July 04, 2004

Instant Conference!

How did a grand conference come into being one and a half months after its conception?

Easy! Those in administration please do ignore the years and years of feedback from staff and customers alike and soon you’ll find the need to address and remedy all the resulting complications. I guarantee you!

My company’s admin finally got a whiff of *morning coffee (*please read as ‘fire) when one fine day, they found that there will not be enough cash to purchase a considerable amount of the company’s most valuable commodities to last the year. They also discovered, to their consternation, that the pile of customer complaints and suggestions has finally reached ceiling level and then some.

The hose they’ll be using to fight this inferno is The Conference.

A Top Executive came up with the idea in mid May and decreed that it be executed in mid June, which had to be postponed to early July due to lack of venue. The two day conference aims to educate key staff and put up policies regarding the rational mobilisation and utilisation of company resources.

Personally, I’m not putting much stock into the educating bit (can you imagine trying to change 20 over years of practices and habits in 2 days?) but hopefully, the policies will be enough of a stopper in the hole of our, slowly but surely, sinking ship to keep us afloat until we reach the shipyard for much more permanent repairs.

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