Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Emotional Crutches

You should go out and find someone, Abang Li told me.

I do realize that. The thing is, I know the kind of person I want and I know what I want from that person, but I have yet to come across these people. Therefore, from day to day, I get by on my emotional crutches.

Budak Baik, so willing to advice and support, but doesn’t have a single clue on what’s really going on with me.

Abang Imam who knows but is being tactful by avoiding the subject.

Apai who also knows and understands more than I want him to but can only helplessly look on as I stumble through life.

My internet buddies, Isman and Arif, who are going through their own world of pain.

Abang Li, Didi and Hakim.

Domou arigatou. Thank you ever so much for helping me stand when I should have fallen long ago.

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