Thursday, December 18, 2014


Day 8, and I'm sleepy...

Bedtime :

This was partly due to arriving home late after the evening exercise session. Truth is, I could've turned in by 12.30am but have no clear idea why I was mucking around. Habit again.

Breakfast :
24g whey protein + quarter red apple + 1 egg + 1 tablespoon wheatgrass powder (not on list) + 2 tablespoon olive oil (not on list) + 3oz water

Haha! Yes, it was the missing olive oil that makes a difference to the queasy flavour.

Lunch (2.00pm) : 
Subway's make your own salad: 2 pieces roasted chicken + 2 pieces chicken slice + shredded lettuce + tomato slices + capsicum slices + olives + dressings (Ranch plus Honey Mustard)

This is GOOD! But I have no idea how acceptable the salad dressing is to the meal plan :p

Exercise :

Skipped exercise today.

Dinner (late, 10.00pm) :
1 cut senangin fried + 2 tablespoon anchovies fried in sambal + mixed vegetables (sawi, cauliflower, carrot, celery) soup

Again I am unsure of the acceptability of the alternative meals I selected, not that I have much choice. Pa had tosey over at the surau! Toseyyy!!! I'm going to cry now...

Detoxification :
20 minutes Epsom salt dip

Damn! The water was extra chilly! Could feel it in my chest! How lah to draw a warm bath without any heating? :(

This was the most sleepy day ever!
When the heck is the boundless energy going to kick in?
Looks like body's still burning more of sugar than fat, probably factored by the kind of meals I am taking as alternative :(
The bedtime and sleep debt could probably be another huge factor, not to mention the cool rather than warm bath!!!

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