Thursday, December 25, 2014


One-Five. And the places I want lean are still bulging!!! :'(

Bedtime :

:p As usual on dance exercise nights, it takes quite a while to wind down.

Breakfast :
24g whey protein + quarter sweet pear + 1 tablespoon wheatgrass powder (not on list) + 1 egg + 2 tablespoon olive oil (not on list) + 4oz water

Gulping this down has become a "necessary chore" now. Just chug along for a leaner me, haha!

Lunch (early, 11.30am)
Chili's bowl of Beef Rib Soup + Southwestern Cobb Salad

Meal selection error! Beef Rib Soup is different from Beef Soup, it seems. This was hearty and definitely carb loaded- starchy with small chunks of potatoes :( Not the tomato based meaty soup I recalled having before.

Exercise :

No exercise session per se but was walking around a lot before lunch. From motorcycle repair shop (hit a pothole in the dark on my way home yesterday  night) to MBB to CIMB to BIMB and back.
Hope those counted...

Dinner (late, 10.15pm) :
9 Ayamas Chicken Mushroom sausages grilled + some okra (lady's fingers) fried

Still regretting the inadvertent carb load at lunch but am not sure if that dinner could make up for it.
It's the insulin spike timing that may upset the whole programming.

Detoxification :

Skipped Epsom salt dip again. Still trying to figure out a way to keep the bath warm enough to matter.

Overall sleepy day, most likely due to the late night.
That carb load at lunch really got to me, especially since progress seemed to have stopped.
Just concerned that I'll be packing on the fats again.

By the way, noticed that I get at least 5 views for each of these silly entries.
If you are actually reading (God forbid, maybe even following?) them, thanks for coming along for the ride! :p

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