Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Twentienth day with 2 more days to program's end!

Bedtime :

Better, but still unable to identify the cue. Hope to turn in before midnight every night.

Breakfast :
24g whey protein + 2 tablespoon chia seed + 1 tablespoon wheatgrass powder (not on list) + 2 tablespoon olive oil (not on list) + 4oz water

1 medium mabong fried + half scoop four-angles beans friend in santan

Forced myself to eat though I hardly had any appetite. It's going to be a looong skip lunch day.

Exercise :

10 minutes simplified Tabata, then 15 minutes walk to personalized music

Today's set was Superman to Plank/Squat to Plyo Lunge and Mountain Climbers to Burpees/Tough Jacks.

Dinner (late, 10.00pm) :
1 medium chicken breast roasted + big scoop of four-angles beans fried in santan

Neighbourhood kids were holding a barbecue party, so I had TWO dinners.
May have gone overboard this carb loading day :p

Detoxification :

SKIP! It had been raining/drizzling the whole day and the water is so cold!
There's no way I can draw a decently warm Epsom salt bath today!

Almost towards the end now.
Seen some physical changes, but the belly pooch is still there. 
In terms of energy, I don't feel bursting with it though more energetic than usual.
The daytime drowsiness still present because I'm still having a hard time going to bed early.
I figure that my hormones are still out of whack...

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