Sunday, December 21, 2014


Start of the 2nd (short) cycle, Day 11!

Bedtime :

Honestly, I forgot what time I slept on Friday night :p
But I believe it's no earlier than 11.45pm but no later than 12.15am, so I noted the max.

Breakfast :
24g whey protein + quarter Chinese pear + 1 egg + 1 tablespoon wheatgrass powder (not on list) + 2 tablespoon olive oil (not on list) + 3oz water

The egg smell is becoming quite noticeable. Why is that, I wonder?

Lunch (12.40pm) : 
3 medium chicken pieces fried + 2 medium pieces beef Mat Kassim style + 1 small mutton slice Briyani Gam style + mixed vegetables (round eggplant, string beans) dalca + laksa gravy with condiments (shredded lettuce, sliced cucumber, 1 hardboiled egg)

Wedding fare again.

Exercise :
10 minutes simplified Tabata

That 'simplified' Tabata isn't at all simple! No joke unless you're really really fit.
You warm up, do 20 seconds of aerobics, 10 seconds rest, then 20 seconds of anaerobics, 10 seconds rest and repeat for a total of four cycles per set. And there were 2 sets!
The sets I did were Ski Plyometrics/push ups and squat jumps/Grasshoppers.

Dinner (8.00pm) :
Las Vacas' Angus tenderloin steak grilled medium well + side salad (Iceberg lettuce, cherry tomato, mayo-vinegar dressing) + spinach ricotta (the cheese is actually a no no, but what the heck!) + mixed vegetables (carrot, string beans, brussel sprout) grilled + mixed mushrooms (button, straw) grilled

Courtesy of Cik Easy! Love you!!! *muahmuah! :p

Detoxification :

Skipped Epsom salt dip again.

It feels good today.
Woke up feeling lighter, despite the fact that I have not visibly lost any of the "extras" much.
But that Tabata nearly did me in! Terus nap while cooling down :p

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